Thursday, 6 January 2011

Soften edges

When i made the pocket for the dress it was very blocky due to the lack of sub divisional lines. But i did not want to add lots more lines in which i would have to play around with to try and get the pocket to become smoother.

Looking at the pocket, you can see the thickness of this, which i think is way to thick to be for material, so i needed to extrude the pocket so that i could make this become very thin. But i had thought about how i needed to rotate the pocket so that there was a gap at the top but not at the bottom. So i had to play about with the vertex and attach the edges to the dress.

Above shows you where i had vertex selected so that i could attach them to the dress.

Here is the final stage of the pocket, as you can see, the pocket is now very thin.

With the pocket made but still blocky i needed to smooth it out. And with the helpful tutorial that i spoke about in earlier posts from youtube. He spoke about using something called soften edges. I thought this was just the standard smooth tool, but i was mistaken. With the soften edge tool, i can select the edges i want to become smooth in the tool bar normals and click soften edges. This is such a helpful tool if you do not want to smooth out the whole object and this helps the poly count to be lower. I found this out when experimenting with the two different tools and noticed that using soften edges lowered the count more than going into mesh and using the smooth tool.

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