Thursday, 6 January 2011

Playing around with vertex

With my dress now symmetrical, you can see a line through the middle of the dress, which is not to shape. To fix this i needed to go into vertex and push in all the points on that middle line so that my dress would become more circular.

The image above shows the back of the dress. I have had some problems with this as i have been unsure on how to have the back. Now with the image below, you can see the indent of her back, this is what i wanted to show on my character through the dress, but i have no idea on how far in i need to show this. Baring in mind that this is an fully grown woman, a child's back would not be the same, but i was unable to find a picture of a child's back, so the image below is to give the impression of that i am trying to put across (try not to enjoy the image too much though).
For the time being a am unable to fix this problem and will be something i need to work on, to figure out the best thing for my model, for example, the movements she will be making and as you wont really see the back of the girl, do i need to worry to much about this?

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