Monday, 10 January 2011


Well what can I say??? Character modeling sure takes a lot out of you! And it is completely different to just modeling props. That was partly why i decided to try character modeling as i thought to myself, it shouldn't be much harder, but i was wrong!
I have learned a hell of a lot since the beginning of this term and must thank Dan for coming up with this unit!

What have i learned you say? Well to begin with, i need to make sure that i have a high quality image in which i can use to help me model, the front and side profile need to match up perfectly so that i can a line everything correctly, as well as each side of the face is mirrored up right.
Once modeling i found out that using a plane to start off with, was the best way to go instead of using a sphere and try to remould it. I now know a limit to sub divisional lines, which is around five horizontal and five landscape. It is always better to have less lines and to add them in than to have to many lines which can make things a lot harder to begin with.
I now know a lot more about extruding, and how important that tool is, i had used it before, but not to the degree that i have now.
Even the little things seem to count more to me now like reference images! They have been very handy when it came to things like hands, feet and facial parts, for example nose and ears. You need a good understanding of visuals to understand how to model! Again i come back to life drawing, taking in everything you see, hand to eye coordination.
Extracting was a new tool i learned and how to use it properly which became really important when modeling the hair. I had no idea why i was having them problems before until researching. I had never used video tutorials so much in one of my projects before, until now. I really must say they are the best thing you can have when learning new things.

To some this may sound like things i should have known from the start, but how could i until actually doing this for yourself! You soon realise the importance of things once you are on the road.
Even though my model is not complete, i am really happy with what i have learned, all problems matter whether big or small!

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