Friday, 7 January 2011


Well i am onto the stage of modeling the face now but i have some concerns, i thought this may be quite simple, but at the moment i think i am wrong. The main worries i am having at the moment is about the mouth, how do i model the inside of the mouth? Can i just extrude the shape of the mouth inwards? But then i thought to myself, well how can the mouth then open and close properly? And my other concern is for the eyes, how do i make the eye lids, so that my character can blink? At the moment i just have the rough shape of the head, which i think i now have to get rid of or at least put to the side for now.
I think the best thing to do is to redraw my characters head and put in extra lines such as the line for the bridge of the nose. Making my drawing look a little more 3D shall help me to model, and thinking back to life drawing should be a great help for this. If i can not sort this out then i may have to consider changing some of her features, one of the things i am thinking of changing is her hair due to how stylized it is.

I done some research into face modeling i have a book called 'Stop Staring' by Jason Osipa which is really useful. It goes really into depth on how to face modeling, and other interesting things that i had learned in the first year about how the mouth looks to particular words. For example if you use 'B,M or P' the mouth will be closed, but if you use 'O' then the mouth will become narrow. It is all about the pronounciation of words.
I also looked into video tutorials and have found one which i think will be quite useful, this again came from youtube. I am quite surprised in how useful youtube seems to be when it comes to animation.
The link for this is :

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