Thursday, 6 January 2011

Peg leg

When starting to model the legs, i thought this was going to be pretty interesting, as a child's leg is much smaller and chunkier than an adults. I did not really have much reference. So i needed to go and visit my younger niece who is six years old. Even though she is older than what my character is going to be, it was definitely going to be a big help, and it was. I now had a better idea on how to model a leg. Even though i have my image plane, at this stage i was not taking too much notice as i knew that it was not to the standard i needed.

Here i have roughly modeled half a leg. It is not to a high standard as of yet, but i was wondering, so i model the foot separately or all in one. I thought separately as that was how i modeled my arms and hands, so i thought the same method could apply to this too.

I tried experimenting modeling the two separately, but quickly realised that this was not going to be the way because she is wearing long socks. I remade the leg and made it so that i could use the bottom vertex to pull across to make a foot. The first time i tried making the leg i deleted the bottom face, so there was no base for me to work on.

You can now see the foot coming into shape, but now i had other questions in my mind. How big does her feet need to be? I had to make sure that her feet would be big enough to support her weight but not look like she had adult feet. Dan made me realise that her feet needed to be bigger due to the rig, there has to be enough space so that the rig will be big enough for her feet to work properly.
As my character is wearing socks, i needed to show this, but i did not want that to show this through a texture as i wanted this to be shown through the geometry. So i thought the best way to do this would be by extruded the faces around half way up her leg so that you can physically see a sock. Once i had done this the sock looked far too thick, so i had to thin this out around the top of the sock.

A image of how the sock now looks. Now my character will look that little more realistic with added features like this.

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