Sunday, 9 January 2011

Face modeling

Onto the next stage of modeling, the face, i sure had an interesting adventure whilst creating this. Modeling the face takes just as long, if not longer than making the rest of the body. Whilst embarking on this, i found many little problems which i have had to change in order to get the face spaced out. When modeling i realised that my template once again was not right, i had made sure that the side profile was a line to the front, but one side of the face was slightly different to the other.

The best method i found when modeling was by using a plane, but to only over half the face, unlike the usual type of way of modeling i was inserting ledge loop to make rough guide lines for the eyes, top of nose, lower nose and the mouth. Lots of extruding was used. My face looked very blocky for quite some time, but taking time to remove vertex was what i needed to do to perfect my face the best i could.

Due to a problem i had with my mac book a few days ago, i lost all my screen shot pictures to show the progress of my modeling, and was silly enough not to back them up. I never thought of backing them up before, just the actual data file. So i sadly do not have as many pictures to show as what i was hoping. But below are screen shots nearer the end of my face modeling, there is still work to be done, as my character is looking a little too realistic which i do not want. In order to achieve this i need to play about with vertex and maybe delete some detail i have done. This shall be done within a few weeks which i shall post up, as i do not want to stop after the deadline as these are all things that i am learning and documenting for the future.

The main thing when modeling was how the eyes were far to low which made her look a little like an alien, which was def not the style i was looking for, so i had to select a lot of the vertex to raise the eyes up, i had to play around a little to see where the eyes were suited most and think about the alinements of the nose. Everything else is pretty much to the template which i am pleased about. I still have things to learn when it comes to making sure i have everything perfectly to scale with an image so that i can model easier.

For the time being the head is a little larger than the image template, this is partly just for myself to work out how high up to have her hair lining should be. As she is a little girl, they normally either have really thick hair, or very thin hair. I am unclear on which i should go for, but once i start modeling the hair, then i shall be able to work this out. Trying to imagine things without actually seeing it with your own eyes can be quite hard, which is why being able to change things once they have been modeled is so great.

Once i had modeled the nose, i started to realise that she was looking a little too realistic. The main way this happened was because i thought the bridge of the nose in my image went in to far which i did not really like, but i wanted to make sure that the character had a button nose. I started to look at reference images of children's nose and i think i got a little to carried away with using that image to create my nose. Below is the image i was using to help model my nose.

When it came to the ears, i was a little unsure on how to model it. I was confused because i didn't know anything better than our own ears. I thought to myself i could just have one main indent to show the basic idea of an ear, but then i thought to myself how strange that would appear after i made the nose realistic.
The eyes were one of the easier things to make which i was surprised about as i was worried about making eye lids, but it all came down to playing around with extrude and deleting faces. I've made the eyes fairly big, mainly to symbolize puppy eyes which always make people and animals look cuter, which is very much something i want to try and show.

The eye shape are not the normal shape in which we all have. In the image template, i draw a straight line for the inner part of the eye socket, but when modeling i realised that showing this on the outside made her eyes look even bigger without actually having to do so.

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