Friday, 7 January 2011

The head

I done a very quick test on my characters head to see how this method would work. It was the easiest thing you can pretty much do. Get a sphere and just move some of the vertex to shape the cheeks and chin.
This was mainly done for show, so that i could see how things were coming together. From here i can start to model the face. I have a few worries at this time, and may have to do back to the drawing board with the characters face.
Again this was just a quick test to see how everything was coming together. This is not really the right in going about modeling a neck. Once i start facial modeling, i shall modeling the neck with her head so that they are molded together.
Here is how my character looks with the few parts added. I shall be remaking this properly, but again this is a learning stage of how not to make a character.

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