Thursday, 18 November 2010


If you remember in one of my earlier posts, i uploaded a thunderstorm link from you tube which is really helping me to figure out how to create a believable storm. So i evaluated the video itself. Within just over 30 seconds of the video, there were twelve bolts of lightning, five of them were really bright strikes of light, where the others seemed to be further away as they were not so bright.

As our video is going to be around thirty seconds, we want quite a few bolts of lightning to show Pandys silhouette and shadow coming closer to Summer to try and scare her. So at first i was thinking there would be a low rumbling noise to indicate a storm, this will give time for summer to look a little worried and for her torch to run out of life. After this happens our first big bolt of lighting could come which then makes summer drop her torch and cruel into the corner of the tree house. This is how i first thought the animation of the lightning could start, but i now need to figure out the timing to the rest of the thunder to make sure it fits with the rest of the animation.

From the reference video, i also tried to take notice of the colour of the sky as the lightning bolts happen, which was pretty hard to try and see. You can not actually see any real bolts of light through the video but the sky itself is really light when the bolts happen, the sky seems to be a mix between light blue and purple.

As our animation is mainly just shown through the tree house, you don't really see the sky, so if we can show a shot of the tree from the outside, then we can show a due light which then you could see the colour of the sky.

Here are a few of the colours in which i thought we could use to show the sky, but i am a little unclear if this is the right type of colours. But i need to keep in mind that as our animation is going to be stylized, then the colours we use need to match our style.

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