Thursday, 18 November 2010


With the side profile of the little girl redo, i have now been able to re-start and be able to continue on with the body unlike before. This time round i placed a lot less sub divisional polygons, which has had made the body a lot cleaner and tidier.

As you can see the side profile is looking a little too flat and i need to start pushing out the sides to give the body more curve.

Here i am just playing about with the polygons, experimenting on how far to push them out.

From this angle you can now see that i have curved her side, which now is starting to create my character, instead of her looking flat. I am currently working out just how far i should push in order to show shape to the body. As she is a young girl, i do not want to create too many curves, or she will portray older than what she really is, but i need to make sure she has some indication of shape as she will look like a block another wise.

Here, i have pushed out the belly and pulled in the chest, as young children normally have little pop belly's. I also pushed in the chest as there is nothing to show at this type of age.

I first started to get a little stuck when trying to shape the back, i needed to think about posture and would a child have good posture as they are always bending over, playing, jumping, etc. So i done a little bit of research and found a posture height chart of the ages of growing up. As you can see if you look to the far right, they have a the neck is inwards, then comes out for the shoulder blades then goes back in to come back out again to there bottom. I've only shown slight shape to the girls bottom, as she is wearing a dress and the dress would hang down, hiding most of her shape away.

Lastly, you can see from the front profile of how she body has now taken shape by looking at the edges. I think i now need to start thinking about modeling an arm and leg, then fitting them into place. Once this has been done, then i can see if any changes to the body need to be done.

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