Thursday, 16 December 2010

New method

Okay so i have done some research and have found a new method to try and do for the modeling. This consists of using a plane to start the shape, move all the vertex from the front profile and then wrap it round the object. This to me sounds harder than what i was previously trying to do, but this is what this course is all about trying new things to get the best method which will suit each individual. Once i would have done that i need to pull some of the vertex back, which will then give me the sides.

Part of me is thinking would it be best to model half the object and then mirror this or if i should try and wrap the plane without having to mirror. If i was to use the mirror then i know that everything would be consistent which is something that will be very important to this project. I have to make sure that everything to the left is the same as the right. Even a few different vertex could ruin the model when it comes to animating as the audience may be able to tell that the model is not quite to the standard that is needs to be.

Youtube has been a great help to this, i found a guy who uses a plane to model and i am now going to try and follow in his foot steps to see how this goes.

The link to this is :

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