Thursday, 16 December 2010

Here i have started to try and make the arm of my model, again, i never really know how many sub divisional lines i should have, its a lot easier to add lines in than to take them out, but having more lines will mean that the object will be a lot smoother as i am trying to get a circular shape to the arm.
Another thing with modeling is that you need to keep moving the lines or they will all start to get infused in one another and the shape then starts to unravel. Then when it would come to texturing then it wouldn't work properly.

With a few of the earlier pictures you can see that the shape is quite blocky. Karl told me about a smooth tool which will help to make everything become a lot smoother which will then make the object more realistic. I tried this and as you can see the shape is now beginning to take form, but this is still not to the standard that i want.

Using a polygon shape to begin with and then shape has not really worked for me. I don't like how is the shape is taking form. I feel like i have less control than what i may have in other experiments. As the object is already as a whole, its hard to move all the vertex points to where you need them, as i have done quite a few mistakes with this.

I think the best thing to do now is to try another way, but i need to do some research in what other methods i can use to do this as i do not really have much knowledge on how to model in other ways.

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